Alarm Clocks. Eyes. Dogs. Random Thoughts.

No alarm clock (or three) tomorrow and Friday! Woo hoo!! I have also picked up a couple of extra days next week. This is a good thing. Even though it means more days with alarm clocks set for prior to 4:00 a.m. … 😉

As part of my job I review and work with paperwork that has teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny print on it…. My eyes are now so blurry I can barely see what I’m typing! My existing prescription reading glasses are so old, the prescription so outdated, they provide almost no help anymore. Here’s hoping I can rectify that soon.

This morning, when walking through my place of employment, I saw a gent who had brought his dogs in with him. No worries, it’s not unusual. He had this gorgeous and enormous! black Labradoodle on one leash… and this maaaaybe 5 pound Yorkie on another! You can imagine the cute factor. Those pups were the sweetest things and were obviously best buds. Me? A puddle of “Awww!!” at the sight of them, and got to give and receive some lovin’s. Red letter day!

Tonight, as I wind down my day, my own dogs cause me to smile. Ruby is in my lap, snoring away – and let me tell you, she snores like a champ!! Gunter is in his bed at the side of my chair, burrowed under his blanket with only a rear leg and his nose sticking out. Typical. Grateful that he’s still here, 17 years and counting. 🙂 And Olivia? She’s in one of the beds in front of the fireplace, sprawled out shamelessly, legs every which way, and somehow still snuggled up with a stuffed sheep toy that’s pretty much as big as she is. She loves that thing!

In other news…

Random thought of the day (likely in my head due to sleep deprivation):

I love chicken pot pie – except I don’t. Because it traditionally has peas and carrots in it. OK, the peas aren’t as horrible as they used to be, but the carrots? No, no. No. Hatred. Disgust. Blech. Yuck. No.  So, I haven’t had said chicken pot pie in years. Decades. (Yes, I’m serious. Decades.) However, I’ve recently realized that if I make it myself, well, what do you know?! Don’t put the detested carrots in it!! Well, duh! Result: I will be making some chicken pot pies soon.

OK, tonight’s diary entr– uh, blog post, is done since I can’t see what I’m doing anymore! Hah!

Carry on

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