Insurance! Eyeballs. Daily Random Thought.

I have health insurance now! Basic, very limited, welcome insurance. OK, I don’t really have it yet, but I’m enrolled. Vision starts right away, though! Yeah, baby! Making an appointment with my O.D. tomorrow! Hopefully soon, no more squinty eyes!

Random: My eyeballs are weird. Always have been. Seriously. I once had an Ophthalmologist take pictures of the inside of my eyeballs, with an enormous camera that had a series of lenses attached to each other in graduated sizes from huge down to tiny pupil size, stacked like a layered cake – THAT ACTUALLY TOUCHED MY EYEBALLS – to take the photos! It was… weird. My irises are weird, the insides are weird, but whatever. OK, not weird. Unique. Right? Uh huh… Doc even took a microscopic look at my driver’s license photo to look at my eyes! Said that yep, the weird was present even back then. (This “photo op” was done maaaaany years ago, fyi.) And he said my eyes were likely this way since before I was born. Ah, well. A few other things were weird when I was born, too. (Hush, you who know me. Hush. I’m not talking about the day-to-day weird, but rather the medical weird.) So, why not my eyeballs, too? Right?

Random thought of the day: Why do old scars, broken bones and other injuries act up all the time and for years after the fact? Is it due to ageing? To barometric pressure? Mental imagery? Is Mercury in retrograde? (And how come I only ever hear that Mercury is in retrograde and not Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.?) Because, dang. The scar on my finger where I cut a chunk off via the mandolin slicer of death, and which required a trip to the ER (also years ago), is itching like crazy. My left thumb that I smashed in a car door a few years ago has been zinging for days. Again. Other old injuries, well, it’s all of a piece. I don’t like it. I have the olds. That’s… great.

Carry on.

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One Response to Insurance! Eyeballs. Daily Random Thought.

  1. lgrinaker says:

    I tried to post before, but it looks like it didn’t “take.” A second try:


    “I have the olds.” That really struck a chord with me, Barbara, ;-). What a great way to put it…

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