Ah, Politics… Vultures, Sharks and Pine Cones.

I am soooo not qualified to talk politics. Oh, well. Going to anyway. Kinda.

It feels like lynch mob mentality has overcome the fine State of Oregon. Vultures flying overhead, sharks swimming in the waters. Pine cones have been mentioned. Yes, pine cones. Being thrown at reporters.

Leave the guy alone. Let due process run its course. We, in general, do not know the truth and may never know it fully. Perhaps his leaving office is the right answer, perhaps it isn’t. But there has been an amazing amount of speculation, chatter, theories being batted around, and all by people who don’t know, either. I have to wonder at the rush to judge him based on his fiance’s actions. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he knew some of what has gone on. But, since I (figuratively) live in a glass house, I sure don’t want to throw a stone, if you follow my drift. I mean, seriously, no one is perfect, nor above reproach, but neither should they be judged strictly by the actions of others.

Take a breath, folks. Step back from the frenzied scramble for the meaty bone that is “scandal and shock,” and just take a breath.

Carry on.

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