February 14th

I figure it’s telling when I enter a shop I frequent, and where the employees recognize me, that when one of them calls out, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Barbara!” and I reply with, “Bah Humbug!” they laugh. Uproariously. Such is life.

No worries. I’m actually pretty good with it. Hey, I also had a good laugh! Happy feelings accomplished.


Random FYI: I do not recommend shoving a piece of metal up under your fingernail. It does not feel good. Think massive paper cut, only worse. And it will bleed. A lot. Credit goes to my home filing cabinet, into which I attempted to file some paperwork, and somehow managed to do the above mentioned slice and dice. Big stupid self!

No stitches, no ER visit, no big deal. So hey, there’s that. Just a great big ouch. And maybe a bit of swearing. Just a bit. OK, a lot.

To those in my life who are dear and loved, and you know who you are, my heart love is with you. You know who you are. The love is there, no matter the date on the calendar, the time between visits, an email or a text or call. Always. Even if the calendar shows that it’s February – or May or August or November… 😉

Carry on.

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