Cough Syrup is Revolting

The crud, it is upon me. And in my stuffed up stupor, I threw out the NEW box of tissues last night, rather than the empty one, and I didn’t even realize it till this evening…

Pleased to say, I have another box! My nose is raw, my eyeballs are screaming, there is a razor blade encased boulder lodged in my throat. My skin is burning, yay fever. I’ve managed to avoid having a cold for about two years – no, I do not know how or why – so I guess it is overdue. And it gives me a minute to waaaah about my pitiful state. 😉

Today I broke my rule about not going to work when sick – and went to work. The nature of what I do is such that it would be difficult to get someone in quickly enough, and there’s usually no one else there who can take over for me on the spot. Once done, I wiped everything down with bleach wipes and booked it for home and my sweats. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

For now, more tea! Sleep!

Carry on.

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2 Responses to Cough Syrup is Revolting

  1. lgrinaker says:

    Oh, no! It sounds like you have a fever… the flu? Whatever it is, I know… they never get easier, do they?

    Hang in there, and well wishes to you!


  2. lgrinaker says:

    I know you feel really, really awful, but, nevertheless, you still have a wonderful way with words. Thanks for that, Barbara…

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