The Crud Continues

I need new sinuses. I need new lungs. New eyeballs. New nostrils that are not as (both) dry as the Sahara and as drippy as a PNW rain storm. I need a new rib cage.

The random and uncontrollable multiple sneezing attacks have commenced. I have sneezed no fewer than 400,729 and eleventy times today alone.

Eh. I’ll live.

Just don’t make me laugh, because ouch (ribs). And somebody get me some Vicks!

In other news, Ruby has the hiccups. Dammit, it’s making me laugh!!

And now, now I go back to bed. Much napping today, yet I’m still so tired. Much water. Much tea. I’m about to request a catheter…

Alas, I think I’m on the mend. Tomorrow will tell.

Carry on.

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