DIY, Memories and Gramps

While the duties of my job are administrative in nature and out of the public eye, at times I’m called upon to pinch hit in other areas of the store. I’m still a bit nervous when someone asks me a question about products or where to find things – I have very few of those answers yet, you see. But late last week, a gentleman asked me about patching a ceiling where he had to cut through a specific textured finish to do some re-wiring. And don’t you know, I knew exactly what he was talking about and practically waxed poetic on the process! Hahahaha!

I’d like to thank the Academy, my mom, my dogs… 😉

Seriously, I like to think that the time I spent with my Mor Mor and Gramps the summer I was 15 had something to do with it. That summer, as my Gramps was a wood crafter and enjoyed watching shows on TV with that theme, we spent many an hour watching This Old House with Bob Vila and Norm Abram. Waaaay back in the day. Since that summer, while I’m not a big DIYer, I have loved watching home improvement shows and the like. The whole time I spoke with the customer, I could literally see those old shows running through my mind and my Gramps in my thoughts (he’s never far from them, anyway). I’ve been cycling through those old memories ever since. Makes the missing him part sting a bit sharper, but makes the fun and pure enjoyment of the times we spent together that much sweeter.

Thanks, Gramps.

Carry on.

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