Aerial America

I don’t care about the dress. I’ll be happy enough to never hear it spoken of again. There. I said it.

In other happenings…

While I was visiting my sister in Maryland this past Thanksgiving, we watched a show on the Smithsonian channel, called “Aerial America.” Mind: blown. I love it!! The premise of the show is that it focuses on one state per episode, fly videographers all over the state filming the terrain, points of interest, towns, cities, etc., and then put the video together with a detailed narrative of what we’re being shown. Imagine my happiness when I got home and discovered my cable package has this channel! The episode we watched at my sister’s had us flying over Maine. Tonight, I was shown Mississippi.

Aerial America isn’t my usual type of show to watch, but it’s fascinating and informative. I can’t get enough. So, go. Watch it. Enjoy.

(This is not a solicited endorsement or advertisement about the show or the channel, just me rambling on about something I enjoy.)

Carry on.

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