“Cooky Book”


I had a cookbook that is only for cookies. OK, I have more than one, but that’s neither here nor there… I digress. Anyway, the one I’m speaking of is a vintage book from several decades ago and one my mom had – well, she still has it – and I grew up baking all sorts of treats from the recipes within its pages. Some years ago, and after several years on my own and missing the “Cooky Book,” I found an early edition at Powell’s and immediately bought it. Well, about a year and a half ago, I realized it had gone missing. I remembered that I had put a big stack of recycling in the bin a few weeks prior, (the bin had long since been emptied by the curbside service provider) and that I hadn’t really been thorough enough on going through it, I just wanted it gone. So, for the past year plus I’ve agonized over the possibility that my “Cooky Book” was in that stack and was gone for good.

Well, tonight, as I was putting a few things away in a cabinet I’d not searched before, lo and behold, there it was!! I admit that I hugged that darn cookbook and maybe even shouted out a bit of a hoorah. The chocolate chip cookie recipe in that book has stood me well for a good 40 years. Seriously.

Yes, the title of the cookbook really is, “Cooky Book.”

Me happy.

Carry on.

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