Famous People

A few days ago, a friend posted on Facebook about meeting someone famous and asked us to share our experiences. I replied with a couple of my own, but I just now remembered the most oddest of meetings.

MANY years ago, I went to the wedding of an acquaintance, who just happened to be marrying Robert Duvall’s son, Shane. Well, Robert wasn’t there, but his daughter, Shelley, was. Can I just tell you? She was an odd one. My one experience with her was running into her in the hallway of the hotel where the wedding and reception were being held. She was on a payphone (I told you this was many years ago) and was arguing with someone about an upcoming project and the contract terms, and chain smoking cigarettes as if the world was ending.

Didn’t fit my impression of Olive Oyl at all! 😉

Anyway, even though she was occupied, when our eyes met as I walked past, she took a moment, not at my request since I didn’t wish to disturb her and I simply don’t leap at famous people – they’re just people, and deserve to be respected as such – and stopped her conversation, said hi, asked me how I knew the newlyweds (I did several clinical rotations with the bride while I was in school), and chatted with me a minute. At first I thought she was a bit of a diva with a ‘tude (based on the tiny bit of the phone call I heard), and perhaps she was, but Ms. Duvall was very nice and certainly didn’t have to stop and bother with a small conversation with a stranger in a hotel hallway in Houston. So, I like her.

Carry on.

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One Response to Famous People

  1. lgrinaker says:

    Ah. It would not have put two and two together on that one – that Shelly Duvall was Robert Duvall’s daughter – without this anecdote. Nice to know, particularly about that friendly gesture.

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