I love donuts, which is why I NEVER go to donut shops. Thar’s danger in them thar hills! And is it donut or doughnut? This thing is telling me it’s the latter. Anyway…

My favorite is the apple fritter, which is that even a donut? I mean, it’s called a “fritter” for a reason, I would think. But I digress. I love the crisp outside and the moist apple-and-cinnamon swirled inside.

Next up, we have the ever so lovely Bavarian-, chocolate-, vanilla-, or Boston-cream filled, chocolate glazed donut, which is in equal standing with the eclair.

Then, there’s the classic maple bar. Oh, let us not forget that one. Mmm, maple!

And last but not least, the old fashioned. A cake donut with glaze, sometimes called a cruller, although I’m not sure why since crullers are a different donut altogether – and also yummy. The old fashioned are the ones with the split top. Crullers have kind of a spiral look to them and are a yeast donut, rather than cake.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many more donuts in the bakery I would NOT say no to… I could go on and on. Don’t worry, I hear you loud and clear, screaming, “PLEASE DON’T!!” 😉

Now that I’ve made myself have a craving for a fritter…

Carry on.

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