On Journeys Completed and Ones Yet to Begin

These past several months I have been bombarding you with words, photos, and other random spewings several times a week. You see, seven months ago I accepted a challenge to do exactly that. I’d like to think I sent some interesting things out into the ether, and that at least a few of them were enjoyed. Hopefully some smiles, laughter (with, not at…), or deeper thoughts were among the results. And hopefully I didn’t numb too many brains or cause too many eyes to glaze over in the process!

Today finds me at the end of this challenge. No, I’m not going away (sorry 😉 ), though it may be a while before the next post. Or who knows, it could be next Tuesday. I’ve found a place within me that I didn’t fully know was there. Posting so frequently was hard at times, other days were easier, some days saw longer posts, some were pretty limited, as that was all that was within my mind on those days. Now, with this experience under my belt, I have been given new insight into, well, myself, and some ideas on how to continue with and improve upon my future posts.

Stay tuned, if you’d like to, for more posts, albeit with varied themes as in the past, but with a different direction, or perhaps from a different direction. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps some fiction, perhaps a series on a particular subject, or perhaps a simple photo or piece of art; the future holds no bounds. See you soon.

Linda, thank you.

Carry on.

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One Response to On Journeys Completed and Ones Yet to Begin

  1. lgrinaker says:

    You’re welcome. And thank YOU, Barbara. Well done…

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