Famous People

A few days ago, a friend posted on Facebook about meeting someone famous and asked us to share our experiences. I replied with a couple of my own, but I just now remembered the most oddest of meetings.

MANY years ago, I went to the wedding of an acquaintance, who just happened to be marrying Robert Duvall’s son, Shane. Well, Robert wasn’t there, but his daughter, Shelley, was. Can I just tell you? She was an odd one. My one experience with her was running into her in the hallway of the hotel where the wedding and reception were being held. She was on a payphone (I told you this was many years ago) and was arguing with someone about an upcoming project and the contract terms, and chain smoking cigarettes as if the world was ending.

Didn’t fit my impression of Olive Oyl at all! ūüėČ

Anyway, even though she was occupied, when our eyes met as I walked past,¬†she took a moment, not at my request since I didn’t wish to disturb her and I simply don’t leap at famous people – they’re just people, and deserve to be respected as such – and stopped her conversation, said hi, asked me how I knew the newlyweds (I did several¬†clinical rotations with the bride while I was in school), and chatted with me a minute. At first I thought she was a bit of a diva with a ‘tude (based on the tiny bit of the phone call I heard), and perhaps she was, but Ms. Duvall was very nice and certainly didn’t have to stop and bother with a small conversation with a stranger in a hotel hallway in Houston. So, I like her.

Carry on.

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“Cooky Book”


I had¬†a cookbook that is only for cookies. OK, I have more than one, but that’s neither here nor there… I digress. Anyway, the¬†one I’m speaking of¬†is a vintage book from several decades ago and one my mom had – well, she¬†still has it – and I grew up baking all sorts of treats from the recipes within its pages. Some¬†years ago, and after several years on my own and missing the “Cooky Book,” I found an early¬†edition at Powell’s and immediately bought it. Well, about a year and a half ago, I realized it had gone missing. I remembered that I had put a big stack of recycling in the bin a few weeks prior, (the bin had long since been emptied by the curbside service provider) and that I hadn’t really been thorough enough on going through it, I just wanted it gone. So, for the past year plus I’ve agonized over the possibility that my “Cooky Book” was in that stack and was gone for good.

Well, tonight, as¬†I was putting a few things away in¬†a cabinet I’d not searched before, lo and behold, there it was!! I admit that I hugged that darn cookbook and maybe even shouted¬†out a bit of a hoorah. The chocolate chip cookie recipe in that book has stood me well for a good 40 years. Seriously.

Yes, the title¬†of the cookbook really is, “Cooky Book.”

Me happy.

Carry on.

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On Having Troubles

Working on that formula.

If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I would not pass it round. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it. I don’t embrace trouble; that’s as bad as treating it as an enemy. But I do say meet it as a friend, for you’ll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Carry on.

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Surrounded! There are now Girl Scouts selling those blasted cookies RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR AT WORK! Mere feet from my office. Feet! NAY, INCHES!

Fine. Gimme one box of Samoas and one box of Do-Si-Dos and get out!


The Do-Si-Dos are already half¬†gone…

Carry on.

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Aerial America

I don’t care about the dress. I’ll be happy enough to never hear it spoken of again. There. I said it.

In other happenings…

While I was visiting my sister in Maryland this past Thanksgiving, we watched a show on the Smithsonian channel, called “Aerial America.” Mind: blown. I love it!! The premise of the show is that it focuses on one state per episode, fly¬†videographers¬†all over the state filming the terrain, points of interest, towns, cities, etc., and then put the video together with a detailed narrative of what we’re being shown. Imagine my happiness when I got home and discovered my cable package has this channel! The episode¬†we watched¬†at my sister’s had us flying over Maine. Tonight, I was shown Mississippi.

Aerial America¬†isn’t my usual type of show to watch, but it’s fascinating and informative. I can’t get enough. So, go. Watch it. Enjoy.

(This is not a solicited endorsement or advertisement about the show or the channel, just me rambling on about something I enjoy.)

Carry on.

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It’s Thursday Again

This coming April marks the fifth anniversary of¬†my nieces’ wedding. Our families met in NYC to celebrate and show our love. What a wonderful and joy-filled time that was! What a gift to our family my niece-in-law is. She is much loved and embraced within my family.

Earlier today, as I was browsing through some photos, I came across those I took on my trip. I browsed through some of them¬†and remembered the sights and sounds of that amazing city. For this week’s #TBT, I’m sharing some of them with you.

100_3330 100_3332 100_3326 100_3310 100_3312 100_3321 100_3323 100_3327 100_3333 100_3339 100_3358 (2) 100_3409 100_3393

I fell a bit in love with this city as I rambled about with my camera and some free time. Someday, NYC, I will return.

Carry on.

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DIY, Memories and Gramps

While the duties¬†of my job are¬†administrative in nature and out of the public eye, at times I’m called upon to pinch hit in other areas of the store. I’m still a bit nervous when someone asks me a question about products or where to find things – I have very few of those answers yet, you see. But late last week, a gentleman asked me about patching a ceiling where he had to cut through a specific textured finish to do some re-wiring. And don’t you know, I knew exactly what he was talking about and practically waxed poetic on the process! Hahahaha!

I’d like to thank the Academy, my mom, my dogs… ūüėČ

Seriously, I like to think that the time I spent with my Mor Mor and Gramps the summer I was 15 had something to do with it. That summer, as my Gramps was a wood crafter and enjoyed watching shows on TV with that theme, we spent many an hour watching This Old House¬†with Bob Vila and Norm Abram. Waaaay back in the day. Since that summer, while I’m not a big DIYer, I have loved watching home improvement shows and the like. The whole time I spoke with the customer, I could literally see those old shows running through my mind and¬†my Gramps in my thoughts (he’s never far from them, anyway). I’ve been cycling through those old memories ever since. Makes the missing him part¬†sting a bit sharper, but makes the fun and pure enjoyment of the times we spent together that much sweeter.

Thanks, Gramps.

Carry on.

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